Outbreak Notification

A gastrointestinal and respiratory illness outbreak has been declared by Alberta Health Services at North Star Elementary School.

AHS has shared the following Notice to Parents. Parents will be notified of any additional steps being taken by the school via School Messenger.

NLPS follows the guidelines outlined in the Guide for Outbreak Prevention and Control in Schools 

Staff Directory


Photo of Erin Bowering

Erin Bowering

Inclusive Education Coordinator

Photo of Kimberly MacLeod

Kimberly MacLeod


Phone: 780-594-3232

Photo of Nicole Coben

Nicole Coben

Assistant Principal

Phone: 780-594-3232

Photo of Lori Munford

Lori Munford

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 780-594-3232

Photo of Brianne Stewart

Brianne Stewart

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 780-594-3232

Inclusive Education

Photo of Samantha Foote

Samantha Foote

Photo of Dusty Fraser

Dusty Fraser

Student Advocacy Counselor

placeholder image for Brady Green

Brady Green

Student Advocacy Counselor


Photo of Crystal Frey

Crystal Frey

Extension Instructor

placeholder image for Taesagh Mckay

Taesagh Mckay

placeholder image for Kiera Noble

Kiera Noble

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Shannon Schumacher

Shannon Schumacher

Extension Instructor

Grade One

Photo of Alexandra Crevier

Alexandra Crevier

Photo of Tara Gale

Tara Gale

Photo of Jenna Head

Jenna Head

Grade Two

Photo of Audrey Martyniuk

Audrey Martyniuk

Photo of Diana Pedersen

Diana Pedersen

placeholder image for Taylor Zarowny

Taylor Zarowny

Grade Three

placeholder image for Kallie Colhoun

Kallie Colhoun

Photo of Jessica Gunn

Jessica Gunn

placeholder image for Tania Normand

Tania Normand

placeholder image for Tanya Wannechko

Ms. Tanya Wannechko

Grade 3

Grade Four

placeholder image for Meagan McClelland

Meagan McClelland

placeholder image for Shayla Timinsky

Shayla Timinsky

Photo of Brittney Wall

Brittney Wall

Grade Five

placeholder image for Amy Cherniak

Amy Cherniak

placeholder image for Renee Squire

Renee Squire

placeholder image for Hailey Tata

Hailey Tata

Grade Six

placeholder image for Jessie Banks

Jessie Banks

placeholder image for Denis Laplante

Denis Laplante

Photo of Brooklyn Merk

Brooklyn Merk

Little Lights Teacher